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The Blacksmith's Pub Podcast

2 blacksmiths, Jesse and Rick, talking shop and hanging out with guests, all the great things about a pub with a blacksmith frame of mind.

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Feb 28, 2020

EP74 - Chuck Faught from Flame Tech


Summary: Chuck Faught (@lucky_chuckie on Instagram) from Flame Tech (@flametech_scorpion on Instagram) comes on to discuss torch cutting and the types of things his company provides.  He is a wealth of knowledge in flame cutting and schools us pretty well.  We also get to hear...

Feb 14, 2020

EP73 - Bob Menard for the ABANA 2020 Conference

Summary: We catch up with Uncle Bob about the ABANA 2020 Conference which is swiftly approaching.  There was a TON of information discussed as well as some tips for the conference.

Sponsors: Evenheat Kilns (

ABANA 2020 Conference (