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The Blacksmith's Pub Podcast

2 blacksmiths, Jesse and Rick, talking shop and hanging out with guests, all the great things about a pub with a blacksmith frame of mind.

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Apr 27, 2020

Quickie EP 5 - The Manager’s Special with Dave Kurdyla

Summary: Dave Kurdyla’s taking the reins for this one and making sure we’re towing the company line.  We had a lot of problems connecting and had to wrap it up quick at the end when we hit more difficulties and couldn’t all get back on the phone.  Sorry. ...

Apr 24, 2020

EP 78 - On The Road with Anna Koplik

Summary: We are graced with the energy and enthusiasm of Anna Koplik.  She is a journeyman blacksmith, bladesmith, and teacher.  We caught up with her on her way to the Austin Forging Competition in Texas.

Sponsors: Evenheat Kilns (

Duration: 49...

Apr 21, 2020

Quickie EP 4 - Mr. Lucky, Alan Curboy @LuckyNailBlacksmith

Summary: A full-fledged conversation with the one, the only, Lucky Nail Blacksmith!

Duration: 1 hour

Apr 14, 2020

Quickie EP 3 - Wooden Hammers and Sound Effects

Summary: Another slider episode to enlighten and make you shake your head.

Duration: 39 minutes

Apr 10, 2020

EP 77 - Austin Handel from The Catskill Mountain Makers Camp

Summary: Rick and Jesse visit with Austin (@themakerscamp on Instagram) to find out all about the 2020 Makers Camp on Oct 9th - 12th.  This is a quick one, but packed with good info!

Sponsors: Evenheat Kilns (

Duration: 32...